BOOMER FITNESS is the workout for you!

What do Baby Boomers and Olympians have in common? Passion, Drive, and Perseverance. It is this attitude that RJ’s Boomer Fitness strives to bring forth in you. You don’t have to become an Olympian, but picking up this same train of thought is going to make a world of difference.

The RJ FITNESS BOOMER FITNESS has been designed to help you:


• Rev up your metabolism
• Improve your strength and balance
• Increase your energy
• Achieve better control over motor skills
• Enhance your coordination and muscle strength
• Decrease stress and increase cardiovascular fitness
• Understand the importance of proper nutrition

Positive Aging Mindset:

• Aging is a natural experience.
• Aging can be healthy
• Aging can be functional
• Aging can be social
• Aging can be productive

All of this resulting in better overall health and vitality!

Aging can be fun and adventurous!

To inquire more about bringing RJ’s BOOMER Fitness

to your organization, office, or church (even if you have a group of 5 or more friends that want to workout)

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