She’s Fit F.A.Q’S

What should I wear to class?

Workout attire and sneakers – wear what you will be comfortable moving around in.  Expect to sweat!

Is this like Crossfit?

No…although we will use alot of the same equipment and exercises as well as keep the workouts fresh and new, Crossfit is a High Intensity/HIGH Impact and She’s Fit is a High Intensity/LOW Impact workout.  There is no heavy weight lifting in any of the classes which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

What else should I bring to class?

You will want to bring a water bottle, weights (that fit your fitness level), and a fitness mat.

Do you offer a membership?

There are no formal commitments or contracts when signing up for RJ Fitness classes.

What can I expect during She's Fit Training?

Every workout is new and different.  We power walk hills, have team games, do cardio workouts, include strength training with your weights as well as bodyweight exercises.  You can also expect to workout in a fun, non-intimidating environment.  Expect to tighten, tone, and lose inches…you will get fit and have fun while doing it!

Can I do a drop in class?

Sure, the cost for a drop-in is $15 which can be paid at the time you attend the class.

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