She’s Fit

Strength Training For Women

This will be your purest form of exercise!  Whether you’re just starting to workout, training for a marathon, or have never done a single pushup…training with RJ in She’s Fit will result in you having a stronger, leaner, more balanced body.  There are no fancy machines, only you, your weights, your fitness mat in a fun yet challenging atmosphere.  Tighten, tone, and lose inches!


What is She’s Fit all about?

RJ has designed her She’s Fit Workout to be an evolving 50 minute total body workout that gets you RESULTS!  You will burn calories and get your whole body conditioned via cardio, intervals, and strength training. She’s Fit is solely focused on strength training. RJ created She’s Fit with the intention of inspiring women to train with the purpose of getting stronger, more lean and more healthy nutritionally.

The goal being simply to assist women in attaining a greater sense of self confidence. Many women are not aware of the physical and mental strength that they truly possess. However, once they start increasing their strength and lifting more than they could imagine, or busting out perfect form push-ups, women become aware of their true abilities. “It is such a beautiful thing to witness as a trainer!”

All Fitness Levels Are Welcome as all exercises can be modified.  This results in a super strong body without the bulk, increased mobility, and major fat shreddin.

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She's Fit Punchcard

12 Classes


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